Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a reservation? Yes…we operate on a reservation basis to make sure we don’t overbook our flights. If you just walk in without an appointment and we have room, we are happy to plug you into our next available flight time.

How far ahead will I need to book? We recommend trying to make reservations as early as possible.

What are your flight times?

Mon: Closed to the public

Tue - Sun: 11:30am 1pm 2:30pm 4pm 5:30pm 7pm 8:30pm

What is your cancellation policy? We require at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your reservation or reduce the number of pilots in your party, otherwise you will be responsible for the full price of the flights you reserved.

Are there any age limits? Due to the nature and amount of information given in the pre-flight briefing and the ergonomics of the cockpits, 11 is the minimum age for our pilots. We have no maximum age, however pilots do need to be able to climb up a four-step ladder and climb into the cockpit as well as climb out at the end of their flight. Our most seasoned pilot to date has been 92 years young.

Are there any height and/or weight limitations? We have had professional basketball players fly sucessfully (David Robinson at 7'1"). We normally suggest a weght limit of 350 pounds as an upper limit.

How many people can fly at one time? We have nine cockpits and like the actual F-16, each cockpit has room for only one pilot.

How should I dress for my flight? We suggest wearing light clothing since you will be putting on a flight suit and might get fairly warm.

Do I need to have any experience. Not to worry, we provide all of the training you will need during our 20 minute pre-flight briefing. Plus during your flight you will be on aviation headsets with our ATC (Air Traffic Control) personnel who will answer any questions or remind you of anything you may have forgotten or missed in the briefing.

Do the simulators move? Like most military simulators, ours are stationary because it's not possible to replicate the G- forces a pilot pulls during a typical mission.

How long does the experience last? About 90 minutes from the time you check in until the time you walk back out the door.

Is the time spent in pre-flight briefing included in the mission times? No.

Is there an observation area where people who aren’t participating can watch? Yes, we have an Officer’s Club where anybody can watch and listen to the exciting action on video monitors while sitting on comfortable sofas and chairs.

How does it work if I want to book a flight for more than 9 people for a group event? We divide your group into squadrons of 9. Those waiting to fly watch and listen to the action on video monitors in our Officer’s Club. They will be able to view the dogfight and hear the “pilot chatter” between the air traffic controllers and those in the dogfight.

Still have questions? Let us know what we haven't covered.