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Step Into The World
Of The Fighter Pilot.

After donning your flightsuit, be sure to listen closely in the classroom where you'll learn important things like how to shoot down your 'frenemies' or what "check your six" really means.

FOX 1 $59

30 minute class

30 minute flight


Leave the civilian life behind and step into the world of the Fighter Pilot. Maverick's got nothing on you. You think so?  After donning your flightsuit, listen carefully in the classroom where you'll learn really important stuff like how to shoot down enemy aircraft or what jinking is. Once in your cockpit, adjust your headset and you'll be cleared for your catapult launch from the aircraft carrier in your F/A-18. When you hear "fights on, fights on "– it's furball time and we're keeping score! Lock on the enemy with you radar and and rack up the hits. Fly high, fly low, try everything to prevent being shot down. Finally, try to catch your breath before you land your chat and then join the instructor for your scoring and debrief.

Min Height: 4'10"
    Min Age: 10     Max Waist: 45"


FOX 1 + FOX 2  $109

FOX 1: 30 minute class + 30 minute flight

FOX 2: 15 minute class + 30 minute flight

This your opportunity to take everything you learned in the FOX 1 experience and apply it in a scenario that takes you to the next level, dogfighting against Russian Air Force fighter jets. Note - you will receive another classroom for advanced air combat training.  Participants choose to fly individually against these aggressors and each other or work together as a team against the enemy; plus there's a good chance that one of Flightdeck's instructors will join the aggressor team. Don't worry, he'll take it easy on you, maybe. Once the dogfight sessions ends you'll hear *knock it off, knock it off* from OpCon and it's time to land. To take it to the next level - you'll be landing on a carrier again, but this time at night, and possibly with poor weather condition. In conclusion, we only have one thing to say - good luck.  Because you're going to need it.

Min Height: 4'10"
    Min Age: 10     Max Waist: 45"

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